Opera One Browser vs. DuckDuckGo: Which Offers Better Privacy?

Opera One's built-in VPN makes the browser 10 times more special

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Opera One vs. DuckDuckGo - which one should you choose? They both offer similar privacy protection features.
  • Or better yet, a fully-featured browser vs. a private search engine -  this is what this comparison is about.
  • Keep in mind that DuckDuckGo isn't a regular browser so it will lack some functionalities.
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Nowadays it’s important to protect your privacy online. There are multiple ways to do that, but one of the best is to use tools and services that are privacy-oriented.

DuckDuckGo is a popular choice as a default search engine since it offers some form of privacy, but browsers such as Opera One are similarly efficient.

So today we’re going to compare where DuckDuckGo and Opera One stand in terms of protecting your online identity.

What is the downside of DuckDuckGo?

The fact that DuckDuckGo does not remember your search history is, strictly speaking, a plus for your privacy; yet, it can also make using the search engine less convenient at times.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that offers a mobile browser app as well as a desktop extension. The goal of both of these products is to make it possible for you to surf the Internet without having to worry about corporations snatching up your personal information.

But, not having a standalone browser is yet another drawback when it comes to choosing a private browser.

Is Opera One a safe search engine?

With Opera One, you are guaranteed complete confidentiality and safety whenever you are using the Internet. This private and secure browser was developed with your safety and the safety of your data as its primary focus.

A virtual private network (VPN)-enabled secure browser might not be required at home, but utilizing one whenever you connect to a public Wi-Fi network is a good idea.

When you connect to websites using Opera One’s VPN (virtual private network), the data that is passed back and forth between your computer and the website is encrypted and relayed through a distant server.

Your data will be protected from prying eyes thanks to the encryption, and your IP address and location will be concealed by the distant server, giving you increased privacy. A secure browser does not require any add-ons or extensions, and one of them is Opera One.

Does DuckDuckGo work with Opera One?

Yes, it does, be you do need the DuckDuckGo extension if all you want to do is make DuckDuckGo Search your default search engine in Opera One.

Alternatively, you can also the step-by-step instructions from their website in order to install their plugin. Your data will be accessible on every website. This plugin gives its users access to their tabs as well as their browsing history.

DuckDuckGo vs. Opera One: Which one protects my online privacy?

1. Opera One browser

What is Opera One?

Opera One is a web browser that has been present on the market for 25 years. It’s completely free, and in the early days, it was a great alternative to Internet Explorer.

Over the years, the browser has evolved and it now offers many helpful tools, some of them unique.

What are the pros and cons of Opera One?


  • Low hardware usage
  • Built-in adblocker and tracking protection
  • Unlimited free VPN
  • Available on all desktop and mobile platforms
  • Advanced tab management
  • My Flow tool to share work across all devices


  • Few VPN servers
  • Might load slower with some websites

What features does Opera One have?

Opera One is simple to use and with its low hardware requirements, it’s perfect even for low-resource PCs. The browser offers certain privacy features and it blocks both trackers and ads.

For an extra layer of security, there’s even a built-in VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth. The tool does not require any registration or additional downloading.

We also have to mention that the browser has crypto-mining protection and an integrated crypto-wallet.

As for additional features, the browser has a battery saver that will give you an extra hour of battery life. Moreover, you get redesigned interface, tab islands to enhance multitasking, a mouse gesture facility, and many more.

Opera One

Get advanced privacy features and create your own workspace for secure browsing!

2. DuckDuckGo

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that doesn’t store your data.

For iOS and Android users, DuckDuchGo has a separate dedicated app.  However, for desktop users, it comes only as an extension added to any other browser.

What are the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo?


  • Private search engine
  • Doesn’t store your data
  • Doesn’t sell your browsing information to third parties
  • Extensions available for all major browsers
  • Browser app for iOS and Android


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated browser for the desktop platform
  • Lacks certain features that other search engines have

What features does DuckDuckGo have?

DuckDuckGo works like a regular search engine, but unlike other search engines, it doesn’t store any of your browsing data.

As a result, your information isn’t sold to advertisers, so you won’t see any ads when using DuckDuckGo.

Thanks to the dedicated browser extensions, you can see the number of trackers DuckDuckGo blocks as well as a real-time evaluation of the trustworthiness of every website you’re visiting.

Get DuckDuckGo

3. Opera One vs DuckDuckGo: The verdict

Comparing Opera One and DuckDuckGo isn’t really fair since one is a web browser and the other is a search engine.

Both DuckDuckGo extension and Opera One will block tracking cookies, but Opera One can do it out of the box, without any extensions.

Thanks to the built-in VPN, Opera One is a far better choice when it comes to securing your privacy online.

Get Opera One

There you go, these are our thoughts on DuckDuckGo and Opera One. Which browser and search engine do you use? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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